Welcome to WholeFit.

 A Whole Well-being Hub tm



WholeFit is a group fitness, martial arts, therapy, well-being hub.

WholeFit works with professional coaches, Senseis, instructors and therapists across varied disciplines. Ranging from healing arts, traditional and ancient therapies to fitness instructional arts classes to bring professional training, wellness and healing directly to you all under one roof. 

Say hello to Yoga, Pilates, RMT service, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic Therapy, Mindful Meditation, Cross Fit, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo classes.

The WholeFit method.

How does it work?


It's quite simple. We bring professionals to you all under one roof, so you don't have to run around.

Your body? Check.
Your mind? Check.
Your health? Check.

Just sign up for what you need. Or select carte blanche and get it all. 

WholeFit is integrated with V3DA hub, a performance accelerator hub. 

That means that you'll have access to a fully automated 24/7 digital tool at your finger tips. You'll be able to manage your account, sign up for classes & therapies that interest you, measure/track your performance. And best of all, you'll have access to your coach/mentor via your own personal digital dashboard.



Key benefits of V3DA hub

The Student Performance Accelerator tm

    • See yourself improve over time
    • Coaches provide constructive feedback
    • Analyze performance tracking metrics
    • Unlock new techniques & dimensions





How do I get started?

1. Register

  • Go to V3DA.com* and click register
  • Click your activation link in your confirmation email
  • Login and proceed to Step 2

    *You will be redirected to our partner site



2. Sign up

  • Click here* and register with WholeFit
  • When prompted, select 'WholeFit' in the 'School name' drop-down list selection


3. Select classes

  • Go to V3DA.com/shop* to find a class that interests you
  • Don't forget to print out/snap and bring your QR code. This is your entry pass
  • Congratulations! You're ready to WholeFit!